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Americans With Disabilities

For the past decade, Carlson Lynch has been the go-to counsel for plaintiffs in a substantial number of civil rights cases on behalf of individuals living with disabilities under federal and state accessibility laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

In 2011 the firm began to represent blind and visually impaired individuals who were seeking improved access to atms, Point of Sale Devices, and automated retail kiosks and websites. In these cases, and in most of the ADA cases that the firm prosecutes, Carlson Lynch seeks to leverage patterns of misconduct that occur within a given industry or business category to increase accessibility on as broad a scale as possible.

More recently, the firm has represented individuals with limited mobility seeking to eliminate architectural barriers found in parking lots, paths of entry, and business interiors. In addition, it has brought cases on behalf of individuals living with mobility disabilities against hotel owners and management companies for failing to provide accessible shuttle services. These cases have been prosecuted in federal courts throughout the country. The firm has overcome motions to dismiss in more than 30 cases on behalf of individuals living with mobility disabilities. Classes have been certified routinely in these cases. A substantial number of the cases have been settled, and in all of those cases the defendants have agreed to equitable relief calculated to guarantee increased accessibility.

In addition, the firm has recently litigated to successful conclusion more than 100 cases in federal courts on behalf of blind and visually impaired individuals who are seeking improved access to websites.

Through these litigation efforts, Carlson Lynch, on behalf of its dedicated clients, has markedly increased accessibility for the disabled community across a myriad of industries and businesses nationwide.