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CarShield or CARCHEX Service Coverage Denied

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Have you paid for CarShield or CARCHEX service contract coverage and had claims denied for items that should have been covered? If so, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

Multiple complaints have been reported to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) against CarShield and CARCHEX’s customer service and coverage claims. In numerous incidents, customers were sold coverage plans for services and repairs that later would be denied.

Reported by CarShield customer on the Better Business Bureau website: “This service was a complete waste of time. I felt pretty safe once my vehicle was covered, until it needed a new engine. Their claim process was nothing like described to me during the sale, and due to an “admin problem” I was left with a massive bill and no help. After waiting over a week without contact I called them directly, got the run around, and they finally said the claim was denied because of clerical issues between the mechanic and them not meeting the “conditions of the contract”. On top of that, the appraiser told me it wouldn’t have been covered anyway due to the high mileage. Nothing was covered at all; towing, parts, or labor. Complete waste of time… DON’T BE SCAMMED.”

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Reported by CARCHEX customer on the Better Business Bureau website: “Criminals!!! I purchased a titanium plan so my vehicle would be covered, I had an unfortunate incident where my Mercedes S63 blew a cylinder, CarChex has taken more than a month to approve the claim and they will not cover the full repair. This is absolutely crazy! I paid dearly for this coverage and no where in my contract does it have a dollar limit on the cost of repairs. The vehicle had all Mercedes Benz service from day it was purchased. They say there is language in the contract however I have read my contract over and over and over again and what I have in my hand says nothing of the sort, on the contrary they state that the engine in my vehicle is covered. They are pathetic to deal with and have done everything in their realm to not pay this claim. They keep stating there is a limit of liability however the contract I have in my hand has no such limit. I feel I have been bamboozled over this very expensive warranty that is not there to back up my repair.”

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