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Class Settlement Notices – Past Notices

Weaver v. Edward D. Jones & Co., L.P. (N.D. Ohio)

This 19 million dollar settlement resolved a class action lawsuit which sought recovery of minimum wage, overtime, and other compensation on behalf of individuals employed by Edward Jones as financial advisors.

In Re NovaStar Home Mortgage, Inc. (S.D. Ga.)

This multi-million dollar class action settlement resolved claims against NovaStar for RESPA violations relating to real estate settlement fees.

Huckabee v. Sovereign Bank (E.D. Pa.)

This case involved transaction fees that were charged at Sovereign Bank ATM locations in Pennsylvania.

DeMarco v. Northwestern Memorial Healthcare (N.D. Ill.)

This was a collective action under the Fair Labor Standards Act brought on behalf of hourly employees who worked at defendant’s hospital and were subject to an automatic meal break deduction policy, whereby 30 minutes of work time was automatically deducted from each hourly employee, on the presumption that they have received a non-compensable lunch.