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Biometric Face Scans

Flickr Users, Your Photos May Have Been Shared Without Consent

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If you are an Illinois resident and uploaded photos to Flickr, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

According to the New York Times as many as 700,000 individuals had their photos and likeness uploaded from Flickr to the giant facial-recognition database MegaFace. Many of these included photos of children and could have been posted over a decade ago to the photo platform.  

MegaFace, which was developed by computer science professors at the University of Washington, consisted of downloadable version of photos from the Yahoo Flickr Creative Commons 100 Million Dataset. These downloadable photos made it easier for companies to download the MegaFace data and use it for their own research purposes such as Artificial Intelligence, facial-identification algorithms, surveillance of terrorists and to spy on the public at large.

As residents of Illinois, you are protected by the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA).
This act protects any Illinois resident from having their biometric data, including facial recognition collected without consent

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