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Have you purchased Stonefire® Naan?

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If you purchased Stonefire® Naan Products, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

Stonefire® Naan products have been accused of using false advertising. The company claims their products are baked in a traditional tandoor oven and often uses marketing statements like, “honoring 2,000 years of tradition.”  A recent class-action lawsuit, filed in Illinois, against FGF Brands’ Stonefire® Naan Products, seeks reformations to the brand’s advertising and asserts false packaging claims. The claim states that these products are not baked in a tandoor oven, rather they are alleged to be produced on a conveyor belt in a gas-heated commercial oven. The mislabeled packaging and marketing could play a factor in consumers’ purchasing these so-called traditionally-made products at premium prices. 

If you purchased Stonefire® Naan, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for fraudulent marketing practices. 

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