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For most responsible lawmakers, casting a vote for reform of Pennsylvania’s child sexual abuse laws is the easiest vote they will make all year.  So one should naturally wonder why Pennsylvania Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati is so intent on protecting child predators at the expense of Pennsylvania’s children?

It turns out that Senator Scarnati’s ties to the Catholic lobby and its insurance industry allies run marrow deep.  In fact, Long Nyquist & Associates, a lobbying firm that was hired by the Catholic Conference was co-founded by Michael Long, who previously worked with Scarnati, according to the firm’s bio page and Politicspa.com.  In addition, the firm’s vice president is married to Scarnati’s chief of staff, J. Andrew Crompton.  Is it any wonder, then, why Sen. Scarnati can’t find it within himself to back this needed legislation?   

It’s time that Sen. Scarnati’s close ties to the Catholic lobby are made known to all Pennsylvanians.  Call your state Senator and tell him or her that you back these needed reforms.  Let’s shame Sen. Scarnati into doing the right thing for survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Photo Credit: AP file Photo/Matt Rourke