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Ring Security Systems/App
Hacking Vulnerability

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Do you own and regularly use RING security products? Doorbell Camera, Outside or Indoor Cameras, Neighborhood or Ring “APP”, Smart System with Alexa, or other related or bundled products?

As you may have seen on your favorite news feed or TV, Ring security systems and application vulnerabilities have been found and may be putting you and your family at risk for information hacking, hacking of your indoor and outdoor family cameras and even outside takeover of those security systems where you and your family’s activities could be monitored and posted online, your valuables and household schedules shared, and your loved ones being taunted or stalked directly through the device’s microphone. Similarly, the RING system phone or remote “APP” is allegedly allowing your personal information to be “leaked” or made available to the public without your permission. Here are just a couple of news stories outlining RING product issues:

Our firm has filed class action complaints addressing these vulnerabilities, Ring’s knowledge of them and their allegedly misleading product advertising in both federal and state courts in Los Angeles County, CA. Those complaints can be viewed by clicking the links below.

If you currently use RING Security products, including its phone “app,” and want to learn more about the hacking and information leak vulnerabilities described above, please contact us below so we can help.