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Scion & Subaru Engine Problems

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Do you own or lease a 2013 Scion FR-S, 2012-2014 Subaru Impreza, 2013 Subaru BRZ, or a 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek and have experienced engine failure after valve spring recall maintenance? If so, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

2013 Scion FR-S, 2012-14 Subaru Impreza, 2013 Subaru BRZ, and 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek have been issued recalls due to engine malfunction caused by valve springs.

However, after recall maintenance was completed, unexpected stalling and engine issues have been reported forcing owners and lessees to pay out of pocket for costly repairs.  In some cases, the car has been destroyed due to these post-recall repair engine issues.

If you or someone you know could be affected, please submit your contact information below and an attorney from Carlson Lynch will be in touch to review your case further.