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Phone screen showing an 'online tickets' screen with 'no cash refunds' written below and a concert crowd with the words 'canceled'

DENIED A REFUND FOR an event that was cancelled due to the crisis?

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If you purchased tickets for an event that has been cancelled due to The Crisis and did not receive a refund, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

Due to nationwide advisories and regulations, large gatherings of people have been banned, resulting in the cancellation of numerous events including conferences, sporting events, concerts, flights, and appointments. These events are either postponed or cancelled altogether leaving vendors to refund customer’s money at their own discretion. If you have been denied a refund after a cancelled event, please contact our firm.

Our firm has handled numerous class action lawsuits and consumer protection cases. If you have been affected by the cancellation of a previously paid for event, please fill out the form below and an attorney will further review your case.

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